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Posts in Category: Bed Bugs



Bed Bug Hysteria

In 2010 bed bugs created a little bit of a panic in New York City. You could hardly turn on the television without hearing about them. They were everywhere, even Bloomingdale's. This drove New Yorkers to change their habits. Instead of a night out at the movies, they were staying home with Netflix. Instead of shopping at an outlet store, they were online searching for clothes. The fear of bed bugs created a surge for online retailers, and a drought for brick and mortar stores. Why such fear? Because bed bugs have a stigma attached to them. No one in their right mind wants to be eaten alive while they sleep. This is disturbing on so many levels. But, for the sake of public awareness, let's take a proper look at these blood-eating bugs. Perhaps if we understand what bed bugs are and how they infest, we will be less likely to react with hysteria, and more likely to face this problem with a level head.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Moyer pest control  |  get rid of bed bugs  |  bed bug inspection  |  bed bug dogs  |  bed bug registry

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The Dirty Little Secret About Bed Bugs

I realize that having bed bugs can be humiliating, but do you know "why" they are humiliating? Though bed bugs have been around for centuries, the stigma attached to them is relatively recent. You might even be tempted to think--as most do--that only dirty people get bed bugs. But you would be wrong. This little bug has been found in the most opulent of palaces, castles, and places of power.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Moyer pest control  |  k9 bed bug inspections  |  bed bug dogs

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What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs Before Your Next Vacation

You might think that the threat of bed bugs are from a bygone era and dismiss it as a non- problem in today’s society. Since the 1990s, the lowly bedbug has reappeared on the scene as a formidable foe in the world of pest control. Due to the increase in international travel and the fact that people just are not aware of this bug and its habits, the bed bug has become a very real threat to our present day and age.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Pest Control Tips  |  bed bug signs  |  bed bug inspection

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