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Posts in Category: Bed Bugs



Are Bed Bugs A Summer Pest?

Is summer worse for bed bugs? That's a good question and one that has pest control companies across the country a bit divided. You see, bed bugs are active all year long. Here's the thing, many of us in the industry do see an increase in bed bug control calls during the summer but it's not because these pests are waking up like many insects do after a long winter. There are two possible reasons why bed bugs are reported more often in summer. One of those reasons may shock you.

Tags: bed bug dogs  |  are bed bugs worse in the summer

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Bed Bugs And Summer Travel

That much needed vacation time and opportunity for a getaway is upon us and soon to be in full swing. There is nothing like summer travels to help one unwind and lower the stress level. Vacations usually include flying or some other type of public transportation, staying in motels and frequenting popular, crowded events. Unfortunately, that fun-filled vacation, somewhere along the way, also includes the risk of being exposed to an infestation of bed bugs. Those pesky creatures love to hitchhike and catch a ride back to your home with you, either on your clothing or in your suitcases.

Tags: bed bug inspection  |  bed bug services  |  bed bugs in hotels

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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

There are some subjects that, when brought up for discussion, cause very negative and adverse reactions. Clearly, the subject of bed bugs falls into that category. Even though they are not known to be a transmitter of diseases, bed bug bites leave itchy red welts and bumps on one’s skin.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  k9 bed bug inspections  |  bed bug treatment

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