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Posts in Category: Bed Bugs



What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs Before Your Next Vacation

You might think that the threat of bed bugs are from a bygone era and dismiss it as a non- problem in today’s society. Since the 1990s, the lowly bedbug has reappeared on the scene as a formidable foe in the world of pest control. Due to the increase in international travel and the fact that people just are not aware of this bug and its habits, the bed bug has become a very real threat to our present day and age.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Pest Control Tips  |  bed bug signs  |  bed bug inspection

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Bed Bugs In West Chester, PA.

Are there really bed bugs in West Chester? Yes. Bed bugs are everywhere. They have been around since the dawn of time. The ancient Romans called them Cimex lectularius, meaning, bug that lives in the bed or couch. Here in the United States we just call them bed bugs.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Moyer pest control  |  k9 bed bug inspections  |  bed bugs in hotels

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Holiday Tip: How To Inspect A Room For Bed Bugs

Will you be traveling for the holidays? Are you planning to stay in a hotel or motel? If so, it is important to stay informed about bed bugs.

Tags: holiday pest control  |  bed bug signs  |  bed bug inspection  |  bed bugs in hotels

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