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Posts in Category: Bed Bugs



Do You Know How To Identify Bed Bugs In Your Home?

Are you ready for the good news? Bed bug awareness week is coming up and the professionals at Moyer are excited. Since this bed bug week is fast approaching the experts at Moyer want to help you brush up on your bed bug knowledge. So lets get started!

Tags: identify bed bugs  |  how to get rid of bed bugs  |  exterminating bed bugs  |  bed bug treatment

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Why Bed Bug Dogs Are So Beneficial

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sniff out bed bugs and know for sure that they are in your home or business? Well, with canines that have a 98% accuracy rate in detecting bed bugs it’s possible! No chemicals and no doubt. Bed bug dogs are at an amazing advantage in the fight against bed bugs. These dogs are specially trained to find bed bugs, much like dogs who are trained to sniff out bombs or drugs for police forces. Within minutes, bed bug dogs can confirm the presence of bed bugs, if they are there. Bed bug dogs can do many things for your home and business, including:

Tags: bed bug inspection  |  bed bug dogs

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How Do Hotels Prevent Bed Bugs?

Hotels love Spring Break. Like, they really love it. That’s because it’s a peak travel time and allows them to charge peak prices for rooms. One downside though, bed bugs. Bed bugs have always been a problem for hotels, motels and other commercial lodgings. That’s because they have a high rate of occupancy turnover which increases the risk for bed bugs. Welcoming visitors through their doors every day while at the same time saying so long to tourists heading home, it is no simple task for hotel owners and managers to keep their rooms and public areas free of these bugs.

Tags: pest control for hotels  |  bed bug services  |  spring break  |  bed bugs in hotels

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