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Posts in Category: Bed Bugs



Bed Bugs and Mattresses

Bed bugs are not a pest that anyone wants to deal with. They are called the hitchhiker insect because they hitchhike from host to host on backpacks, luggage, clothing and shoes. If they make it to your home they can hide out in cracks and gaps in your wall or floor for months before you notice them. They multiply quickly and can become a full infestation before you notice the red bite marks on your legs and arms.

Tags: k9 bed bug inspections  |  bed bug signs

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Bed Bug Problems Increase During Summer

Have you been thinking about bed bugs lately? You should. Not in a, "Bite your fingernails and pace," sort of way, but you would be wise to take precaution. Summer is when bed bugs become more active.  Here's why.

Tags: summer pests  |  avoid bed bugs when traveling

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Pests To Watch Out For This Summer

If someone were to ask you what bugs drive you crazy in the summer, what would your answer be? We all have a different set of pests that drive us crazy in summer. But there are a few that are sure to make the majority of lists.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  Mosquitoes  |  summer pests  |  ticks

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