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What Do Silverfish Do Inside? - Silverfish--which resemble something that looks like it should be on the end of a fishing line--come into your home seeking three things: food, water, and a comfy temperature of between 70 and 80… (Read More)
Yellow Jackets Threaten Homes In PA - A pest commonly encountered and perhaps feared in the summer and fall is the yellow jacket. This species of stinging insect does not have a good reputation when it comes to swarming around your home… (Read More)
How To Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestations - Chances are, if you're reading this article, you're not too fond of carpenter ants at the moment. Sure, they can lift fifty times their body weight and climb walls like spiderman. That's pretty cool.… (Read More)
The Places Bed Bugs Hide - No one wants to have a deal with a bed bug problem, but the fact of the matter is, more and more people are having to do just that. With a steady increase in bed bugs here in the United States, bed… (Read More)
Stink Bugs Soon To Make An Appearance - More than just a funny name, stink bugs are on the move and looking to make your house their home for the winter. Easily spotted by their unique shield shaped body and their unpleasant smell these are… (Read More)
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Reviews from Angie's List Members:

We were having a problem with yellow jackets and I looked at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor on the internet and about 10 minutes later I got a call from a representative. He was so knowledgeable and booked my appointment right away. Lisa, the technician, came out and sprayed and it's taken care of. She was great and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use your services again in the future and I will pass your name along to my friends. Thank you."

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Pest Problem? No Problem.
The PA Pest Control Pros At Moyer Can Help!

Ready to resolve your pest problem, Moyer stands as a leading Pennsylvania pest control company that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to effectively combat insects and rodents.  Our Service Professionals™ are acutely aware of the local pest pressures and have been trained to handle any type of infestation, including ants, bed bugs and other pests for homes, apartment complexes, schools, hotels and other types of buildings and environments.  At Moyer, we are ready to resolve your pest problem quickly and efficiently and offer the best pest control in Allentown, Souderton, Blue Bell and for locations throughout Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery and Northampton counties as well as parts of Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia counties.

Moyer Does Things Differently

At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we believe in doing things differently than the other guys.  We demonstrate that with our Moyer White Glove Service, 59 Minute Emergency Guarantee and other programs that are distinctly Moyer.  Our PA pest control is available in Souderton, Allentown and Collegeville as well as throughout our coverage area, we also take pride in offering comprehensive pest solutions for both residential and commercial clients that are designed to eliminate existing pest problems as well as prevent new pest activity in the future.  If you are experiencing a pest problem or simply want to ensure your home or business remains free of unwanted pests, please contact the Pennsylvania pest control pros of Moyer today! We are ready to be your trusted exterminators in Doylestown, Harleysville, Landsdale and throughout our PA pest control service area.

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